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Frequently Asked Questions

Every puppy and family is unique.  We offer tailored programs to achieve your goals. With Private in-home training, you can get started on socialization and creating good habits right away.  We still recommend that puppies enroll in a puppy class eventually but we are here to start you off right even before you get your puppy.  Click here to download a free guide about what questions to ask a rescue, shelter or breeder when you are looking for your perfect pup. We can also arrange for pre-puppy home visits or on-line consults to ensure you are ready for your new best friend.  

  • When should I start training?
    As soon as possible! Developing good habits early and providing positive exposure to the world around your puppy helps their development into a stable loving adult dog.
  • What training methods do you use?
    I am committed to the latest scientifically based, modern humane training methods. I train without using force, fear or intimidation. We use a lot of food, treats, toys and games to help pet parents develop a loving connection with their new puppies. Once you have that rock solid relationship, training is a lot easier and more fun!
  • How long does training take?
    Just like humans, dogs never stop learning. They are learning from every interaction that goes on around and with them. And puppies are sponges. For very young puppies 8-16 weeks training should concentrate on socialization, handling and developing good potty habits. Because they are developing so fast, weekly training is best for 8 to 16 weeks. Older puppies from 4 to 8 months can benefit from ongoing training every few weeks and the first 18-24 months until your puppy is a fully grown adult I suggest at least monthly training maintenance lessons.
  • What does it cost?
    There are a variety of services and programs to meet pet parent's needs. During a free 20 minute discovery call, we can discuss your goals and what program might fit best for you and your puppy.

I just got a puppy, Now What?

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