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You got a puppy, Now What?

Are you thinking of getting a puppy?  Congratulations!  You are in for a big adventure.   I can help in all stages from advice on how to select the right breeder or rescue to puppy proofing your home and setting up your environment for training success.  Planning, early socialization and training are all key elements to creating a well mannered family member for years to come. Caring for any new creature can feel overwhelming at times and I'm here to support you every step of the way.


I use only positive reinforcement and gentle methods to train which help create a trusting bond with your puppy. By carefully introducing your puppy to many different environments and experiences during their important primary socialization period we work towards building confidence, resilience and optimism in your puppy that will serve them for the rest of their life.

Having a professional trainer saves you time and guesswork during this critical window. Learning appropriate puppy handling and cooperative care can prevent future behavior issues while early training sets our puppy up for a lifetime of great companionship.

Each puppy program covers the basic puppy behaviors like potty training, chewing and nipping.  These programs are appropriate from the puppy planning stage through 6 months.  See our private lessons for puppies over 6 months of age.

These starter programs are best followed up with monthly maintenance throughout their first year to ensure your puppy has a smooth transition to adolescence and adulthood.

corgi puppy smiling for treats

Puppy Programs

All of our programs come supercharged with:

  • weekly in depth email recap and training reminders with videos;

  • socialization checklist (make sure you are exposing your puppy to new experiences properly!)

  • unlimited support via email and text for any puppy raising questions or issues outside of lessons

  • access and links to our preferred professional resources for toys, training equipment and all things puppy (no having to guess what the professional would recommend)

  • Each program starts with an intial 90 minute Strategy Session to learn basics and understand your goals for you puppy so that we can plan the remaining program tailored to your needs.

Good Puppy Foundation

90 minute Initial Strategy session and

3 personalized private lessons

This program gives you a solid foundation and jump start to your puppy adventure!

Woman iwht a sharpei puppy sniffing her hand

Excellent Puppy

90 minute Initial Strategy Session and

5 personalized private lessons


  • 1 :30 min virtual SOS lesson to be used within a year of package completion.

Good Foundation Puppy program plus out and about socialization adventures.

cute puppy playing with a fuzzy toy

A star is Born Puppy

90 minute Initial Strategy Session and  7 personalized private lessons


  • 2 :30 min virtual SOS lessons or one in person lesson to be used within a year of package completion.

This level can include a puppy proofing checklist or home set up visit before you get your puppy, introduction to pets already in the home, plus a multi-sense puppy confidence course and several socialization outings.

a puppy and kitty relaxing with each other

How It Works

Schedule a free 20 minute phone consultation.  We will discuss your dog and your current concerns.  Then we will suggest the training program that best fits your needs.  In some cases an initial in person consultation will need to be scheduled prior to setting up a training program.

Happiness is a warm puppy

Thanks for being here.  We are so glad you are interested in positive reinforcement training.  If you have questions feel free to contact us at the number and email below.

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