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Welcome to the Puppy Diaries! Planning for your new puppy.

Updated: Jan 9

newborn pile of puppies with mobile overhead


So, you've made the brilliant decision to add a puppy to your life? Well, congratulations! You're about to enter a world of fur-tastic adventures, unexpected chewed-up shoes, and endless games of fetch. And, guess what? You're not alone on this journey! Abbie Duchon, a professional dog trainer with a knack for transforming puppyhood into a tail-wagging carnival, is here to guide you through every hilarious and heartwarming moment.

In this blog post, we're going to take you on a paw-some journey filled with laughter, insights, and all things puppy. Plus, you'll get the scoop on where to find the perfect four-legged friend and how to puppy-proof your home (because puppies come with an appetite for adventure and furniture!).

1. Deciding to Get a Puppy:

Before you embark on this barking mad adventure, let's paws for a moment to consider if you're ready for the puppy tornado that's about to hit your life. Spend some time thinking of the hopefully 12-16 year long term responsibility that a cute puppy will turn into, along with the requirement to create an environment where your puppy can grow up to thrive in a modern society.

  • Time Commitment: Puppies have a unique knack for stealing your time, and your heart. There is an outsized time commitment needed up front during the primary socialization period. I can help you understand how to use this short window most effectively. Puppies and dogs are highly social creatures and do best when they have a lot of time with the people in their life.

  • Financial Responsibility: From chew toys to squeaky balls, puppies have expensive taste. Abbie's guide will make sure your wallet is ready for the chew-pocalypse. These days pet insurance is highly recommended for the often high cost of unexpected veterinary care. The average cost of owning a dog (medical, food, training) is $4,500 annually according to USA today's latest statics. Count on more for premium food and training. Investing in your puppy's training and health care in the first year can help you keep those costs down over a lifetime.

  • Lifestyle Compatibility: Ever wondered if you're more of a Chihuahua person or a Great Dane enthusiast? Understanding what your dogs physical exercise or training needs might be as they grow along with grooming requirements or common health issues are important to consider when thinking of your new family member.

adorable cavalier spaniel puppy resting on blanket

2. Finding the Perfect Puppy:

Once you're convinced that your life needs more fur and slobbery kisses, the next step is finding your new furry BFF. While puppies are undiscovered wonderlands, there are some traits that can be helpful to observe. You must be diligent and do your research and homework. There are several important questions to consider regardless of where you might find a puppy:

  • Rescue Organizations: Where you can be a hero and give a forever home to a dog who's been patiently waiting for someone to watch Netflix and chill with.

  • Breeders: How to tell the doggy dealers from the breeders who truly care for their pups' well-being. Pre-natal care and puppies first weeks go a long way to developing into a stable adult dog.

  • Shelters: Find out how to navigate the shelter scene and go from feeling "ruff" to feeling "rover-the-moon" with your new shelter sidekick. Dogs in shelters are often under tremendous stress so overnight tryouts can be helpful.

border collie puppy chewing on an orange couch

3. Puppy-Proofing Your Home:

You've decided on the breed, found your dream pup, and now it's time to turn your home into a canine haven. We can make sure you're ready for the comedy show that is puppyhood:

  • Safety Measures: Get the scoop on how to puppy-proof your home, like securing your precious shoes (or just accept that they'll become chew toys).

  • Training Equipment: Discover essential tools and gadgets that'll help you transform your little furball into a well-behaved sidekick. The right items can help you create an enriched environment that encourages independence and curiosity.

  • Socialization: Learn how to introduce your pup to the world without causing chaos. The importance of calm, happy and safe introductions to novel environments, people and the world in general during the key 8-12 week window cannot be overstated. Watch for the upcoming blog post focusing on socialization.


Abbie Duchon's Puppy Blog is your go-to for everything puppy-related. Get ready for a rollercoaster of puppy antics, mixed with expert advice to keep you sane (or, at least, a little less frazzled) on this exciting journey.

Remember, puppy parenthood is a wild ride, but with Abbie's wisdom and a healthy dose of humor, you'll navigate it with flying fur colors. Stay tuned for more tails...oops, we mean tales, from this blog, and let's embark on this adventure together!


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