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"I learned so much during each session. Abbie is very knowledgeable, professional, and kind. You can tell she loves what she does. We were able to train at home, practice for a week or two, and then train again. I found it very effective for my dog and for my schedule. I highly recommend Abbie if you're looking for a dog trainer." Catrina P.

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We teach you to  teach your puppy

How to:

  • develop good potty habits

  • learn the world is a safe and inviting place

  • accept gentle handling without nipping

  • prepare for the vet and groomer

  • chew this not that!

  • walk on a loose long line

  • recall for life

Welcome to Abbie Duchon Professional Dog Training, where we specialize in helping puppies become resilient and stable adult dogs.  Our focus on safe and positive exposure to new sights, sounds, textures, and environments during their early socialization period sets our puppies up for success in the modern world. We emphasize the trust and connection needed to foster emotional and environmental flexibility as your puppy matures.

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About Me

As a dog parent, I understand the challenges that come with raising and training a treasured lifetime companion. When I adopted my sled dog Eli as a puppy 12 years ago, I greatly underestimated the time and effort required during puppyhood.  I really could have used some support! During his adolescence, I was faced with some behavior challenges that required attention and understanding beyond my previous training experience. This led me down a path of intense research and education into dog behavior and training. I was eventually certified as a Masters Pro Trainer from Catch Canine Academy, and now utilize my knowledge and experience to teach others how to train their puppy and adolescent dogs effectively and mindfully. I am currently in a mentorship program at Pet Harmony and providing services through an enrichment framework.

I am committed to teaching you to train your dog without fear, force or intimidation. Read more about the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior's position on the importance of positive training here


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 The field of dog training is dynamic and without regulation at this point. New technologies, and an exciting increase in scientific studies about training methods and canine brains and learning emerge regularly. Ongoing education enables me to integrate innovative and humane methods into my practice, promoting more effective and positive outcomes for both dogs and their guardians. I am committed to my ongoing professional education.

Below are a few of my certifications.

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Let's Talk

All dogs are individuals and training plans are tailored to meet your lifestyle your puppy's specific needs.


As a dog behavior nerd, I am committed to my continuing  education so I'm always learning the latest science-based positive training techniques and passing them along to you and your pup.

Let's get started with a free 20 minute discovery consultation.

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