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What happens when that cute little puppy you brought home a year ago becomes a much larger more boisterous adolescent dog?  Abbie Duchon Professional Dog Training can help. 
I use only positive reinforcement and gentle methods to train which help foster a trusting relationship with your dog. Professional support with your "teenager" can make a difference.  We teach you the skills you need to solve problems and meet your dog's needs for enrichment and connection.

Having a private trainer with you every step of the way eliminates the guesswork and saves you time. I'm always here as a resource in between lessons should you have any questions.  All of our programs cover the most common behaviors (sit, down, recall, polite greetings). 



Good Dog Foundation

4 personalized private lessons

great for jump starting a training routine for a newly adopted dog or for brushing up on a particular skill or manner.

Image by CDC

Excellent Dog

6 personalized private lessons


  • 1 :30 min SOS lesson to be used within a year of package completion.

Excellent option for teaching house and out and about manners including support for those "teenage tyrants" and loose leash walking.

Image by Bruce Warrington

A star is Born

8 personalized private lessons


  • 2 :30 min SOS lessons to be used within a year of package completion.

This is the level you want for tackling a specific behavior issue like barking or lunging at other dogs on lead or for taking your recall and other basic training to the next level.

Couple with Dogs

All of our programs are supercharged with:

  • weekly in depth email recap and training reminders with videos;

  • unlimited support via email and text for any questions or issues in between lessons; and

  • access and links to our preferred professional resources and equipment

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How It WOrks

Schedule a free 20 minute phone consultation.  We will discuss your dog and your current concerns.  Then we will suggest the training program that best fits your needs.  In some cases an initial in person consultation will need to be scheduled prior to setting up a training program.

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