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Welcome to Dog Training tips tricks and learning with training games.

This is a test blog to provide great tips and tricks to train your puppies and dogs. This is where I'm going to post homework for people with videos

I'm so glad you are here! Stay tuned to learn friendly, gentle ways to train your dog.

Training Brain

Dogs need to be in a zone where they can learn which I call "training brain." One way to help get them and keep them in their training brain is providing enrichment for their physical, mental and emotional well being. In this blog I'll be touching on various ways to increase the above and take advantage of their training brain to help your dog understand how they blah blah.

Stay Tuned

This is where you will read about all things dog and learn about ways to increase your dog's well being as well as your own. Click below to subscribe to our blog and get listed on our email list for information and specials in the future.

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